We are ordinary citizens who live in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District and are concerned about our nation’s direction. Because laws set direction, we decided to “stand watch” by tracking legislation sponsored/co-sponsored by our Representative and alert our fellow citizens.

As a group, contributors to this website are not monolithic in their values. What we do share are the values expressed in the Declaration of Independence: That we are all created equal. That we are all endowed with certain inalienable rights. And that governments are instituted to secure these rights.

Accordingly, we value equality and the fair treatment of each individual in a diverse and inclusive society. We value the resulting freedoms for all to pursue opportunity and achieve prosperity. We value government that is accountable for protecting citizens’ rights and for promoting the general welfare. And we rely on government to pass laws that are consistent with fundamental American values.

We hope Congress Watch fosters citizen engagement, which is essential to a vital democracy. Participation in the process that is America is another of our values. Stand watch with us!

View the legislation authored or supported by Rep. Angie Craig by visiting the categories below.

Or click here to see all of Rep. Angie Craig’s bills, regardless of category, arranged chronologically.

Rep. Angie Craig with Rep. Collin Peterson


DFL Party Platform: "The family farm is the keystone of our society and must be preserved." ...
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These are amendments offered by Rep. Angie Craig on major appropriation bills and a few other pieces of legislation ...
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Business & Community Development

DFL Party Platform: "We believe American business in cooperation with working men and women can create economic prosperity. We believe ...
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Civil, Human and Constitutional Rights

DFL Party Platform: "We recognize that when the rights of any citizen are threatened, the rights of all are endangered ...
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Rep. Craig presiding over the U.S. House of Representaitives.

CongressWatch: All legislation chronologically

All posts from our CongressWatch coverage of Rep. Angie Craig, arranged by date. Photo above, Rep. Angie Craig presiding over ...
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Consumer Issues

DFL Party Platform: "We believe consumers have a right to safe and reasonably priced products, fair treatment in the marketplace, ...
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From the DFL Party Platform: “We believe a vigorous and universally available system of public education is basic to a ...
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From the DFL Party Platform: “We believe in safe, sustainable and secure energy sources that offer coming generations access to ...
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Government Accountability

From the DFL Party Platform: “We pledge to ensure the political rights of all citizens through fair elections and responsible ...
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Angie Craig speaking at a press conference.

Health and Human Services

From the DFL Party Platform: “We believe that all people should have the opportunity to be self-sufficient, secure and healthy ...
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Labor and Employment

From the DFL Party Platform: “We promote the American labor movement and the rights of all workers.” Here is supportive ...
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Media and Internet

Support strong Net Neutrality protections; the implementation and expansion of the Border-to-Border statewide Broadband; treating all internet access and services in Minnesota ...
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Angie Craig

National Security and Foreign Affairs

From the DFL Party Platform: “We recognize the intertwined relationship between national security and international policy. We believe in a ...
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Natural Resources

From the DFL Party Platform: “We believe in leaving the world in better condition than we found it.” Here is ...
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Public Safety and Crime Prevention

DFL Party Platform: "We advocate strong law enforcement policies combined with vigorous crime prevention programs that emphasize education, treatment and ...
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Retirement Security

DFL Party Platform: "We believe all Americans have a right to a secure retirement." ...
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Tax and Budget Policy

DFL Party Platform: "We believe government budgets must be based on sound fiscal policies and fair taxation aimed at achieving ...
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DFL Party Platform: "We believe that in order to prosper, all residents and businesses must have access to efficient and ...
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DFL Party Platform: "We honor and respect the men and women who have served and are serving our country. We ...
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