Rep. Angie Craig Town Hall #10 – Eagan

Rep. Angie Craig held her largest town hall yet, Monday Oct 14 at the Eagan Community Center. It was the first town hall since she was on the leading edge of what became a flood of Democrats in swing districts calling for an investigation into President Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian leader. In the call, the president seemingly pressured Zelensky to investigate one of Trump’s 2020 rivals to aid in his re-election.

If there are people in the Second District who disagree with her assessment, they didn’t bring it up at this town hall. There were many new faces in the long line of questioners — several of whom supported Craig’s position.

She has made a concerted effort to work across the aisle where she can and shared that 79% of the bills she has supported have been bipartisan. To get a full picture of the bills she has been working on, on our behalf, check out the Congress Watch section of our website. The congresswoman said she is taking a cable news break. She says 99.9 percent of what she works on in Washington, DC you’ll never hear about on cable channels. Pointing out the partisan nature of cable TV news, she advised that if you must watch it, rotate between FOX and MSNBC to get some different perspectives on how news is viewed.

Craig said that the five main issues she’s concentrated on at the Capitol aren’t glamorous but affect the livelihood of her constituents, with her main concerns being:

  1. Supporting family farmers (she’s a member of the Agriculture Committee);
  2. Bringing down the cost of healthcare and the price of prescription drugs;
  3. Infrastructure and transportation needs in our congressional district;
  4. Full federal funding of special education — she coauthored a bill on this with Republican freshman Pete Stauber of Minnesota’s 8th district; and
  5. Rethinking technical education and making sure every young person can consider this as an option.


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