100 Days till General Election : 100 Days of Action

100 days

That’s what’s left till the next election- when we can recreate our government to better reflect our values and our needs.

100 days to take action

  1. Register to vote, get others to register to vote online, encourage people to check their voter registration and check for irregularities before you go to vote.
  2. Sign up to vote by mail Protect your health and the health of election day workers by voting early in person or voting by mail. The fewer people voting in person on election day, the smaller the chance for spread of COVID-19.  No lines, no waiting, and the mail in ballot is even postage paid so no need for a stamp!
  3. Learn about your candidates! You can view your ballot ahead of time. When you pull up your ballot online, most candidates will have links to their websites so you can learn about their background and where they stand on issues. Find out tons of information about Angie Craig, including her legislation we’ve been tracking, and share with friends and neighbors. Check out your local candidates for MN House and MN Senate as we need to elect great folks up and down ballot!
  4. Decorate your yard- Put out your favorite candidate’s yard signs! This is especially important this year as many folks are not comfortable with door knocking and this is another way to promote those you feel will best represent your neighborhood! You can contact the campaigns through their website to request a sign and many campaigns will deliver right to you!
  5. Volunteer with a campaign! They need people to phone bank, text bank, write postcards to voters, stuff envelopes and more! Go to a candidates website and click on opportunities to volunteer.
  6. Follow your favorite candidates on social media. Like their posts, retweet their tweets, make positive comments, share their posts widely.  The more your friends and neighbors see the wonderful things you see in these candidates, the more likely they are to get out and vote- and support your candidates.
  7. DONATE!! No amount is too small- make a $5 monthly or weekly recurring donation- whatever you can spare.  Campaigns cost money and the more time candidates don’t need to be begging for money, the more time they can be talking to their potential constituents about issues that matter. Every campaign’s website has a donate button- don’t be afraid to use it and donate online or learn where to mail the check!
  8. Get a refund on your donation! You may qualify for a refund for your political contributions made to Minnesota political parties and candidates for state offices. You can receive up to $50 for individuals or $100 for couples!

    You may qualify for a refund for your political contributions made to Minnesota political parties and candidates for state offices.

    You can request a Political Contribution Refund if you contribute money to:

    • Qualified candidates for:
      • Minnesota Legislature (state House or Senate)
      • Minnesota governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general
      • Minnesota secretary of state
      • Minnesota state auditor
    • Qualified Minnesota political parties

    For a list of requirements and qualified Minnesota political parties, see the instructions for Form PCR, Political Contribution Refund Application.

  9. Don’t be shy!  Our democracy is at stake.  Text and call friends and check in to make sure they are registered, signed up to vote by mail, or know where they can vote earlyChat about candidates you are passionate about. Put on a campaign T-shirt when you’re out shopping, throw a bumper sticker or window cling on your car.  You never know who you may inspire to do the same.

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