Prevent Gun Violence NOW #neveragain #enough

Prevent Gun Violence

1. Call, email, tweet at your local legislator DAILY! Demand that they work on comprehensive background checks and enabling law enforcement to do emergency removal of guns from those that exhibit signs of being a danger to themselves or others. Tell them to “Keep Us Safe”

2. Want to talk about specifics?  These are the gun-related bills in MN Legislature so far this session to contact your reps about:

Oppose: Stand Your Ground (HF238/SF292), Permitless Carry ((HF188/SF649) and (HF309/SF605), Lifetime Permit to Carry (HF 469).

Support: Criminal Background Check Bill (HF1669/SF1261), Gun Violence Protective Order (HF1605/SF1262) and Taylor Hayden Gun Violence Prevention Act (HR1678), Ban on Bump Stocks (HF2781).  For more details on most of these bills, as well as talking points to use with your legislators, see…/ (Thanks to Women’s March MN for posting these resources)

3. Connect with Moms Demand Action:  Text READY to 64433 or if you’re a student text STUDENT to 64433

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