Help Get Out the Vote #GOTV

A blue wave is coming in NovemberGet Out the Vote #GOTV

Getting great people elected is our first and best step to creating the changes we want to see in our country.  Elections have consequences. As we have seen in Virginia and Pennsylvania, every vote counts! Need information about where you vote? Click HERE

Excited about the #ConorLamb win and other districts that have flipped from red to blue? Want to help register Minnesotans to vote before the November 2018 mid-terms?

Here are a few places to start. Please share any other MN Voter Registration Initiatives with admins !

1 – League of Women Voters MN @LWVMinnesota has education & volunteer opportunities throughout the year — and across the state!

Search their calendar by city or by date at

2 – America Votes-MN is based in Minneapolis and has helped lead the state’s strong coalition of progressive partners since 2003. AV-Minnesota is led by AV State Director Dave McGonagle.…/av-2018-minnesota-state…/

3 – Organizing for Action has local chapters in MN and a Voter Registration toolkit for your organization. They partner with, which allows people to self-register on a smartphone/tablet/PC.…/1117_voterreg…

4 – The MN DFL does voter registration initiatives — get involved on the inside and make a difference. A big initiative in August will be the DFL State Fair Booth. As the fair approaches, people will be able to sign up online to help.

5. Help people get signed up for early voting (absentee voting) at

6.  Get all of your questions answered about voting in the primaries.  Share this information on your social media so that folks don’t miss this opportunity to have their voices heard about who they want on the ballot in November!

Thanks for coordinated effort on this with Ambre Quinn @postcards4usaMN