Advocating for Rights of those with Disabilities

On Tuesdays at the Transportation Building, near the Capitol, groups that support people with disabilities gather to discuss upcoming legislation, self-advocacy, supports for those living with disabilities and their caretakers and to build an inclusive community.  People are encouraged to then meet with their legislators to tell their stories and make their needs known.

One woman from the Autism Society of Minnesota shared her story and tips on self advocacy

Learn about  Telling Your Story App which provides a way for technologically-connected advocates to reach their elected officials.

Find out what the The ARC MN 2018 Legislative Priorities are and contact your legislators to support these actions.

Learn about Homes for All Bonding Request Housing pg 2(2 pages) to provide affordable housing.

Understand what the Coalition for Children with Disabilities has as Children with Disabilities Leg. Priorities

Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) provided much needed care so that people can remain independent both at home and at work. Learn about Need for Enhanced Rate for PCA Services PCA pg 2 (2 pages)

Learn about MPIPP HF/3252-SF/2725 Medicaid Preferred Incontinence Product Program and help work toward a legislative repeal!

Though we are not promoting this product, or any product on this website- we want people to be aware that this service is now available in Dakota County and people may find it or similar products helpful to alert first responders /law enforcement if an individual with disabilities is in crisis.  Learn about Vitals Aware Services 





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