Snow did not deter our Senator Amy Klobachar from holding a rally to declare her intention to become the next President of the United States.  On Boom Island, with hundreds braving the frigid cold temperature and blanket of snowfall, the excitement was heartfelt and heartwarming.  Sounds of Blackness performed along with the combined percussion talents of Henry and North High.  Mayors from Minneapolis, Duluth and Moorhead spoke as well as Senator Tina Smith, Governor Walz and Lt. Governor Flanagan. Klobuchar’s father Jim, 90 years-old and beloved by generations of Minnesotans, was there to see his daughter make her announcement.

Senator Klobuchar spoke eloquently about her background, her qualifications and her vision for the country we can build together. Although the current President was never mentioned by name, the contrast in personalities and hopes for our country’s future were none-the-less stark.

“I’m asking you to not look down and not look away anymore. I’m asking you to look up. To look at each other. To look at the future before us. Let us rise to the occasion and meet the challenges of our day,” she said. “Let us cross the river of our divides and walk across our sturdy bridge to higher ground.”

“There are insidious forces every day that are trying to make it harder for people to vote, trying to drown out our voices with big money,” she told the crowd. “It is time to organize. Time to galvanize. Time to take back our democracy. It’s time, America!”

View the video of the full rally

Editorial note: Could not be prouder of Sen. Klobachar’s response to Trump’s tweet. #ItsOn #BoomFromBoomIsland #AmyHasLastWord


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