Beyond DACA Actions- Permanent Protection for All!

We are fighting for our Families!

A variety of actions that you can take to help protect immigrants in our communities.

When: March 5th – March 8th

Why:  ICE agents have been unleashed on the streets of our communities and are ripping families apart leaving a path of destruction behind them. US born children and youth are left without papa or mama or both, terrorized, traumatized, scrambling for answers, left alone without a provider, and under the care of friends and relatives.

Our response(s):
We are mobilizing for a series of escalating actions to lift up the stories of our families and bring ourselves to the doorsteps of the “key holders” elected officials to hold them accountable for playing politics with the lives of millions immigrants including Dreamers, TPS holders/beneficiaries, DED holders and the larger immigrant community.
We demand of him/her/them taking a stand for a fair, and just legislation that results in permanent status for the millions of brothers and sisters including Dreamers, TPS holders DED holders.
We demand an immediate stop to the practices of arbitrary detention and deportation that are terrorizing and dividing immigrant families and our communities.

Monday, March 5th
Rally at Amy Klobuchar’s office. For failing to support and pass a clean DREAM Act and To STOP saying in public that she supporting immigrant community when her action is different.
5pm. 1200 Washington Ave south, Minneapolis, MN 55415
6pm press conference.

Tuesday, March 6
All day and through March 8th, tweets, Facebook post calls and letters to Representative Erik Paulson and Jason Lewis for failing to support and pass a clean DREAM Act.

Wednesday, March 7th
We will invite the MN Candidates for Governor to join us in our action on March 8th and to put out a public statement on how they will work to represent ALL of our undocumented families, regardless of if they become Minnesota’s next governor or not.

Thursday March 8th at 3:00pm
Public actions at the offices of Representatives Jason Lewis and Erik Paulsen
More information to be shared soon.

Link to Facebook Event

Hosted by Immigrant Movement for Justice, MN Immigrant Movement- MIM, Morena MN, Navigate MN, ISAIAH, and Jewish Community Action