Stay Home/Stay Active – Connect, Educate, Participate, Organize

Learn about issues and draw attention to causes you support, engage with elected officials and candidates, and meet like-minded people. All the events we list, unless otherwise stated, are open to the public. There is strength in numbers- lets get out and show what we feel is important to pay attention to.

Grab a friend and get involved, engaged and in action!  Know of an event you don’t see here? Email us at

Want to see what hearings are going on at the Capitol in St. Paul?  MN State Legislative Hearing Schedule

6:00 pm
Please join us this upcoming Wednesday or Thursday  from 6:00-8:30 p.m. to do some phone calling for Ruth. We will ...
12:00 pm
Register here: Join us for our weekly phone bank! Each week, you can log in to our Zoom phone ...
12:00 pm
Join us on Zoom to phone bank for Erin! You can access the event at this url: We will ...

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