Call To Action: Suburbanites Support Police Accountability and Reforms

Some politicians at the MN State Capitol have been playing politics with Black lives.  Rather than focusing on the systemic racism and police brutality once again highlighted by the tortuous death of George Floyd at the knee of Mpls police, State Senator Gazelka asked, “where’s the apology to the moms out in the suburbs scared to death about what’s happening all around them, and seeing the glowing fire in Minneapolis-St. Paul?”

If you are like us, you are much more concerned about Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) being killed by police, then you fear the small percentage of people causing destruction at the largely peaceful protests.  This dog whistle of racism- appealing to white moms in the suburbs at the expense of Black lives everywhere was met with outrage and a twitter fest of #ImaSuburbanMom calling him out. The Senate GOP has threatened to not address any public safety bills this session.  But the MN House has been busy crafting legislation.


While tweeting, social media outrage and protesting are all great ways to educate ourselves and others and show solidarity- legislation aimed at creating steps to hold police accountable needs our support. For details of what is included in the package of bills the MN House is recommending- click here

Here is the link to hearing notice with ALL the different reform bills and detail here:

THE TIME IS NOW! HELP MOVE POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY & REFORMS – Get your written testimony in TODAY! House Gov. Operations Committee is hearing comprehensive package of bills tomorrow at 8am.

TESTIFY IN WRITING – IT IS EASY!: You can submit your written statement by emailing it to committee administrator: Make sure that you request that your testimony be included as part of the official record.

If you submit testimony in writing make sure to cc: the following legislators;;;;;

Your testimony can share a personal story, your overriding concerns or something as basic as:

“I am a white woman living in the suburbs.  I fear ongoing police brutality and systemic racism much more than any incidents at the mostly peaceful protests.  I believe Black Lives Matter and fully support the HOUSE POCI bills in their entirety to address the ongoing needs for police accountability and reform. You are elected to represent ALL Minnesotans.  Violence and injustice against any of us stops now! Vote yes on these bills.”

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