CD2 Turned Very Blue- Congrats to Angie Craig and Eleven MN House Members

Tuesday November 6th was a very good night for CD2.  We had amazing candidates across the district and we want to thank ALL of them, win or lose, for their hard work, sacrifices and dedication to standing up for our values and wanting to represent ALL the people of CD2.  A huge thank you to their staff and the countless volunteers that believed in these candidates and knocked, called, and texted in every corner of CD2.  We are not only sending amazing people to DC and St Paul- but we are building a strong community, one that will stand up for all of us, just as neighbors should.

Angie Craig.  Do we need to say more?  She worked tirelessly to reach out to individuals in all parts of our district with a message of unity and opportunity, fighting for healthcare and protecting our democracy from corruption.  She is authentic, knowledgeable, compassionate and has a fighting spirit that will make her a force to reckon with.  In a very short time Trump will rue the day he asked, “Who is this Angie Craig?” She’s going to be a force for good, for truth and for justice- his worst nightmare!

And then there is the MN House.

There are 19 MN House members that represent the districts in CD2. Prior to Nov. 6th 2018 we had 3 great reps that stood up for our values in St Paul- Rep. Sandra Masin (51A), Rep. Laurie Halverson (51B) and Rep.Rick Hansen (52A).

  • Rep. Rick Hansen braves the snow.

But we no longer hold just 3 of those 19 seats.  We now hold 11 of 19 thanks to the work and wins of Todd Lippert 20B, Ruth Richardson 52B, Anne Claflin 54A, Brad Tabke 55A, Hunter Cantrell 56A, Alice Mann 56B, Robert Bierman 57A, John Huot 57B!

  • Todd Lippert
  • Brad Tabke
  • Robert Bierman for House

This amazing Freshman class, along with our incumbents, will do us proud and were a huge part of turning the entire MN House BLUE

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