Citizens demand a Town Hall

Hearing that he refuses to hold a town hall, a group of engaged citizens rally outside Rep. Jason Lewis’ district office in Burnsville on February 13, 2017, in which is to be the first of many such protests.

For those who are counting, its been  2747 days 13 hours 25 minutes 3 seconds since Jason Lewis was sworn into office and he has yet to hold a public town hall.

This is what democracy looks like.
The give and take between elected officials and their constituents is about as patriotic as it gets.
There was lots of frustration that three months after being elected, the congressman still did not have working phones where citizens could reach his Minnesota office.
It was easy to be light-hearted in the early days. After all, a town hall was surely coming, wasn’t it?
The frustration was just starting. It was still early on.
All these constituents wanted was a forum in which to be heard.
Where is Waldo… errr, Jason? We still don’t know.
Health care was, and is, a top concern of his constituents. But the Congressman has never listened to those who want it fixed.
Constituents filling out comment cards respectfully asking for a town hall, which they never got. However, the staffer pictured was later promoted to head the state GOP, so the no town hall policy worked for him 🙂 Seriously, he was always pleasant to those who protested.