Classrooms Not Cages: Rally to End Needless Deportations

Educators know firsthand what the threat of ICE and possible deportation is doing to students in our schools, as they wonder if they may be separated from their families or deported themselves.  We see the horrors of children who are being held in detention centers all over the country as they are neglected, mistreated and traumatized.

Educators, immigration activists and concerned citizens joined together at a break in the teacher convention at the St Paul River Center to take to the streets and demand Classrooms Not Cages!  Representatives from Education MN, COPAL MN, Navigate MN and many other groups as well as student speakers- including a young man from Eagan High School, shared their concerns about abolishing ICE, defunding hate and embracing our immigrant communities, which enrich all of our lives.

See videos below from march and rally.

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