#CloseTheCamps Never Again is Now

We continue to hear horror stories from the border, including children being separated from their parents, people being held in unclean, unsafe, overcrowded conditions and in an overzealous attempt to round up immigrants, citizens being held illegally.  Most of these people are fleeing terrifying situations in their home countries and have come to America because they believe they will be safe and have more opportunity.  Instead they are being traumatized without basic access to water, showers, food, beds and toothbrushes.

Here is video from the rally on July 12th outside the Federal building in St Paul where ICE has hearings.

You can help by showing up on July 30th

Never again is now! Close the camps! No más muertes!

Join us on Tuesday, July 30th at 4 pm for a rally organized by Twin Cities Jewish and immigrant communities to oppose the unjust concentration camps and say enough is enough. We can’t wait for the right time, we needed to do this yesterday, and we need to do this together. Our cruel and racist immigration system impacts everyone living on this land, from the indigenous people who remember forced removal, to those of us brought here as slaves without our consent, and those who were immigrants and refugees fleeing opression. This action is primarily organized by young Jews in solidarity with immigration justice movements locally and nationally because Never Again is Now.

Though this movement is led primarily by those who are currently and have historically experienced detention, deportation, family separation, and execution, allies and all those who oppose this violent machine are welcome, but please take space and make space as needed.

See you there 🙂 DM Twin Cities Never Again Action with questions.

See Facebook Event for updates

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