Coffee w Eagan Mayor/ Moms Demand Action

A huge thank you to Eagan mayor, Mike Maguire for meeting with several representatives of Moms Demand Action, South Metro Chapter on Monday Nov. 26th.

The purpose of the meeting was to see if the city of Eagan would be willing to participate in National Gun Violence Awareness Day on June 2, 2019, by making a proclamation and turning the Eagan tower lights orange, to recognize and honor the victims of gun violence and to raise awareness of this growing public health risk.

We were pleased to hear that Mayor Maguire has signed the Mayors Against Illegal Guns pledge and that he personally supports the work Moms Demand Action is involved with, but he cited prior practice at the city council level, that the city does not take positions on issues they feel are “politicized hot topics” like issues around guns.  They will not support recognizing this National Gun Violence Awareness Day, for that reason.

The tower has been lit in the past for national days of awareness for autism, mental health and cancer. We discussed our concerns about gun violence being a public health issue, like cancer and other health issues that have been acknowledged.  We are concerned about gun deaths due to accidents, domestic violence and suicide, and while the mayor agreed personally, he did not feel that the city council would support this action.

So our options include, attending city council meetings to plead our case during “public discussion” time allotted at the beginning of these meetings, continuing our work with local police that have been very receptive to working with us, ongoing educational programs through our Be SMART program which educates adults about gun safety, and planning our own citywide program for bringing awareness to this important issue of decreasing gun violence. We will keep you updated…

You can help!

1. Join our local Moms Demand Action here

2. Come to the next meeting of Moms Demand Action, South Metro Chapter on Dec. 15th