Representative Angie Craig , Minnesota’s Second Congressional District

Angie Craig was sworn into office on January 3rd, amidst the most diverse and female Congress in history!
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3/16/19 Congresswoman Craig holds Town Hall #3 in Shakopee

At Shakopee High School, Representative Craig sought to find common ground with constituents on a wide range of issues. Everyone agrees that we are very appreciative of a rep that shows up for these open, public gatherings where we can hear from each other and Angie Craig.

Rep. Craig votes for HR1– to address voting rights and protections, ethics and corruption, and money in politics

2/23/19 Rep. Craig hosts Town Hall #2 in Red Wing

As promised, Congresswoman Angie Craig held another town hall, meeting her promise to meet with folks all over the district monthly.

2/25/19 Congresswoman Angie Craig Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Reduce Water Pollution

Find details on the bill here

1/26/19 Representative Craig hosts her first Town Hall meeting. 

Questions were un-screened and ran the gamut from the recent shutdown, healthcare costs, preventing gun violence, free speech rights, bipartisanship, climate change and more.  Watch the full video here!

2/8/19 Rep. Craig speaks on the House floor about willingness to work with anyone with good ideas when it comes to providing for working families in our district including on affordable healthcare, living wages, access to broadband and transportation, and secure retirement.

1/13/19 Rep. Craig talks with activists from all over the metro at DFL Progressive brunch.  Talks what her first week was like, on bipartisanship, the shutdown and getting work done for the 2nd Congressional District

1/11/19 After talking with air traffic controllers in #MN02, Congresswoman Craig speaks up for them, and all federal workers impacted by government shutdown in her first speech on US House floor.

CD2 now has Representation– Someone who meets with constituents, who listens and responds to concerns, who has the courage to stand up against policies that don’t benefit us.

Congresswoman Angie Craig has a strong, clear voice on ideals including raising wages, providing quality, affordable healthcare, protecting our environment, and ensuring that all of us, regardless of race, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation or economic status- that we are treated with respect, equity and equal opportunity.Angie Craig