Congresswoman Angie Craig speaks with Activists at DFL Progressive Brunch

At a monthly meeting between the DFL and progressive activists from around the metro area, we were fortunate to be able to listen to our CD2 Congresswoman Angie Craig!

She shared opening remarks about her first week on the job and her goals for working for our community.  A couple of questions were asked about bridging the divide in Congress and about keeping the message that the Democrats are not the ones who want this shut down, as they were willing to move forward with legislation that the Republican Senate has already passed.

You can view the videos from this event here.

About 8 of the activists in the room were from CD2, so we were especially happy to hear about how our new Congresswoman plans to work for us!

The US House has already passed bills that would end this shutdown, with some bipartisan support. These bills do not include funding for the wall, not because anyone doesn’t want our borders secure, but because funding this wall would be neither a practical nor effective use of taxpayer dollars- you know, since Mexico will not be paying for it!  Contacting Senators to put pressure on getting these bills voted on is our best recourse.


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