Contact Legislators- Combat Gun Violence

At Moms Demand Action meeting there were several calls to action.

1. Thank the following Senators for their bipartisan bill calling for universal background checks on all gun purchases and mandatory reporting of any guns that are lost or stolen:  Senator Matt Little(DFL-Lakeville) 651-296-5252 Senator Scott Jensen (R- Chaska) 651-296-4837 Senator Paul Anderson (R-Plymouth) 651-296-9261 and Senator Susan Kent (DFL-Woodbury) 651-296-4166

Then contact Senator Warren Limmer (R- Dist 34 ) (651) 296-2159 and Senator Paul Gazelka (R- Dist 09) (651) 296-4875  to demand that they bring this bill forward for a hearing!

2. Contact any and all state legislators but especially those on public safety committee, to support the following gun bills: Criminal Background Checks (SF3279/HF1669)  Red Flag Protection Orders (HF1605)  Mandatory Reporting of Lost and Stolen Guns (SF 3278) and Raise Age to Buy Assault Weapons to 21 (SF2959)

3. Show up on Saturday to March for Our Lives.  Students have been stepping up and speaking out.  We need to show up and support their efforts and amplify their voices. All of the information you need about this event can be found here.