DFL Senators Hold Mock Hearing on Bills Held Hostage by their GOP Counterparts

It was April Fools Day, but these Minnesota DFL Senators were not fooling around. They formed an unofficial  “Committee On Banned Bills (COBB) chaired by State Senator Matt Little (SD 58) to air the bills that the GOP majority has blocked from even having hearings. Most of the seats in the Senate hearing room were packed by activists from Moms Demand Action, ERA MN, Protect MN, Take Action MN, and other groups.

Here are the bills Little’s ad hoc committee considered. Each received a 15 minute hearing with witnesses and questions from the members.

These bills affect millions of Minnesotans and deserve full hearings in the Senate.  Please contact your state senator and let them know that we aren’t fooling around either- they need to do the jobs they were elected to do!

Senate Committee on Banned Bills Agenda for Monday, April 1:

  1. SF 434 – Latz – Firearms transfers and private party firearms transfers criminal background checks requirement
  2. SF 399 – Hayden – MinnesotaCare provider tax repeal
  3. SF 1012 – Torres Ray – Increase Teachers of Color Act strengthening and appropriation
  4. SF 1060 – Kent – Paid family, pregnancy, bonding, and applicant’s serious medical condition benefits establishment; employment leaves authorization and regulation; data classification authorization and appropriation
  5. SF 856 – Champion – Right to vote restoration upon incarceration release or sentencingimposition; county attorney voter registration and eligibility investigation obligation repeal
  6. SF 208 – Pappas – Resolution memorializing Congress to remove the deadline for ratification of the equal rights amendment by the states
  7. SF 200 – Cohen – Constitutional amendment for gender equality under the law

Watch the testimony below, videos by Caren Gallagher, and view our photo gallery by Chuck Smith-Dewey.

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