Do Something Good Community Gathering- You Can Still Help!

clinic and Angie
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clinic and Angie

On July 29th, CD2 Action organized our first community gathering to raise funds and support for our amazing local Dakota Child and Family Clinic The event raised close to $1500 and a van full of diapers, wipes, formula and food items for the families served. If you weren’t able to join us that night and would still like to donate- please click here!

This event was a coordinated effort with Move On, DFL CD2, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Moms Demand Action, League of Women Voters Dakota County, Common Cause MN, Welcoming Schools, Crop Hunger Walk, Healthcare for All, IReb, Stand Up Dakota County, MN Sister District, and CD2Action.  These organizations all shared a bit about themselves and how folks can get out and get involved in helping us connect with each other for the greater good.

We were very grateful that our Congresswoman Angie Craig and her wife Cheryl Greene, as well as State Senator Jim Carlson were able to join us and share what they are working on for the community, and to meet with folks in attendance.

You can learn more about all of these organizations by watching the video clips below!

Much thanks to the entire CD2 Action team who organized, cooked, baked, greeted, promoted and spoke at this event!  We’d like to thank DFL CD2 for helping sponsor this event as well as MoveOn and Planned Parenthood for promoting it to our community.

We especially want to thank the 70+ community members who attended, shared food, conversation, networked and gave to the clinic so generously. We are continuously working on building a strong, progressive community that looks out for all of its neighbors.

If you or an organization is “doing good” in or around CD2, please email us and we will promote your event on our website.  Check out our calendar to keep updated on ways you can continue to engage with your community.  Check out CongressWatch to see what legislative priorities Rep. Angie Craig is supporting on our behalf.