Don’t Be Distracted- Act- People over Profits

Do not be distracted- the House GOP isn’t.

While children are being torn from their parents, possibly never to be reunited- the House GOP horrendous legislation marches on.  As we know by now with this administration, following the money is key to the core of their motivation on most issues.  This post by Power of Many keeps us laser focused
1. House GOP
The GOP House members don’t seem to mind that children are sitting alone in jails all over America. While the rest of us have been busy being shocked and outraged, the House has been quietly passing bills that will negatively effect the most vulnerable Americans.
*The House farm bill passed with controversial food stamp changes that would impose stricter work requirements on between 5 million and 7 million recipients of food stamps. It’s up to us to keep the Senate from adopting this version of the farm bill as well. ://
* 2019 Budget: The House GOP is busy trying to pass a budget bill that will fast track Affordable Care Act repeal, massive Medicare and Medicaid cuts, and more tax cuts. All hands on deck. Read about the bill here and then flood your representative’s office with phone calls, emails and letters. Topher Spiro gives a nice overview of why this bill is so terrible:…/house-gop-unveils-budget-to-fas……/…/HealthPolicyConsensusGroup-Report
* Trump has reversed an Executive Order from President Obama called the Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes. The initiative stressed what the Obama administration saw as the vulnerability of not only the oceans, but also the Great Lakes as well. Trump’s changes embrace fossil fuels and off-shore drilling.…/just-another-day-where-the-unite…/
2.Some of Trump’s Biggest Donors Are Profiting Big-Time on Immigration Detention Centers
(Thanks to for this action. Check out their website. They’ve got it going on.)
We have all been horrified by the separation of families at our southern border. What may be even worse is that the Trump administration has been planning this for years. Reports have shown that for-profit prison lobbyists were huge supporters of the Trump campaign in retaliation for President Obama’s plan to phase out for-profit prisons. One of the first things Trump did after his inauguration was to reverse Obama’s order. Now the for-profit prison systems are benefiting from the thousands of asylum seekers being detained.
Check out this report from NPR. It seems the Trump administration had their zero tolerance plan all along:…/big-money-as-private-immigrant-jails-…
This article reports that the Bureau of Prisons now transfers more inmates from government-run lockups to private facilities.…/leaked-memo-reveals-trumps-g…/
This article states that the border patrol has made it difficult to impossible for asylum seekers to cross the United States’ southern border legally, funneling innocent people into the private prison systems.…/whats-really-happening-asyl…/
I wonder if our members of Congress are aware that this is happening. Today would be a good time to share this news with them. Once they know, encourage MOC to speak out against it and pass laws to stop it. The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. While the United States represents about 4.4 percent of the world’s population, it houses around 22 percent of the world’s prisoners. (…/United_States_incarceration_rate) This is not who we want to be.
3. Families Belong Together
Want to do more than protest and make phone calls? Donate $$ to the organizations at the front line trying to help these families.…/heres-list-organizations-ar…/
Or here:
Our Minnesota Senators, Governor and Attorney General are making it clear that the atrocities happening at the border is unacceptable. Give them a call and thank them. Encourage them to find ways to fight harder to fix this mess.…/democratic-senator-trump-chi…
Are you experiencing family, friends or social media posters that are awash with misinformation? This post has some great answers to the most common lies that are floating about:

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