ACA: dying to talk to their congressman

On May 5, 2017, the day after Rep. Jason Lewis voted for the Affordable Health Care Act of 2017, about 50 of his constituents gathered outside his Burnsville office to show their displeasure with that vote, staging a “Die-In”.

Coverage from the StarTribune:

Photos from the Rep. Jason Lewis healthcare protest

How President Trump’s campaign slogan matches up with his health care plans (or lack thereof).
Signs show the passion of the protestors –as this lengthy but heartfelt message shows.
“Skelly” and friends protest the possible reversal of gains made under the ACA.
Health care professionals are acutely aware of how the ACA has improved access to health care.
Repealing the ACA would be a “grave mistake” as this woman’s sign points out.
Universal health care is the holy grail. The United States is the only western country without it.
Before the ACA, sexual assault could be considered a pre-existing condition under which insurers could deny coverage.
The die-in at Rep. Jason Lewis’ office foreshadows the loss of coverage for more than 52,000 residents of his district.