Early Voting- September 21- November 5th


Early Voting starts Friday, September 21st.

Interested in early voting in person? Find out where you can vote here

Want to vote from the comfort of your home? Sign up to get your ballot by mail here

Want to see what will be on your ballot? Get that information here

Why vote early?

  • No lines/No waiting
  • Make sure your voice is heard- no matter what may be a distraction on election day
  • Vote in your pajamas (only if by mail)
  • Campaigns will stop calling/door knocking once your ballot is submitted
  • Can track your ballot online
  • If by mail, can research the candidates from the comfort of your home while making your decision
  • No weather concerns- Blizzard Nov. 6th? No problem (Hey, It’s MN.  It could happen)
  • Know that you’ve met your civic duty and will be available to volunteer to help get others to the polls on November 6th!


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