Equal Rights Amendment NOW

[acx_slideshow name=”ERA MN”]On Thursday, March 8th women from all over the world celebrated International Women’s Day.  Here in Minnesota, women and supporters gathered at the MN Capitol to celebrate women and demand that the Equal Rights Amendment be added to the MN constitution.  One woman who is over 100 years old attended and we will fight to have this happen in her lifetime.  Time  Is  Up


Contact each of your representatives.

  • Share with them about why you feel it is important to have an ERA.
  • Be sure they know the bill numbers:
    • State: SF 224, 101 & 2827 and  HF 189, 313 & 3257  are bills to put the ERA into the MN Constitution.
    • Federal: SF 229 and HF 356 are bills to pass a resolution demanding the deadline be removed from the Federal ERA and that ratification is advanced.
    • Get talking points at ERA MN Website

Please view the playlist of videos from the rally at the Capitol today.  You may view individual videos by selecting them in the upper left column.

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