Equality Under the Law- ERA 2019

Equality under the law shall not be abridged or denied on account of gender.

After a contentious debate along party lines on the MN House floor, the ERA passed and its progress to an amendment to the MN constitution is one step closer.  What would this amendment protect? No longer could someone be paid less, be discriminated against in hiring, housing, promotion- be treated as less than, because of their gender.

One would think, in 2019, that this would no longer be controversial. The majority of Minnesotans support this.  Yet the GOP controlled Senate is threatening to block this legislation and not even bring it to the Senate floor for consideration.  Some anti-choice groups are even conflating this with reproductive issues to try to block its passage.  But this is a false argument and unrelated to the ERA.

  • Contact your state senator today, and tomorrow and let them know you expect them to support ERA.
  • Choose one of the following videos (below) that speaks most to you, or this entire post, and share it on social media to get others in your circle of friends to contact their state senators.
  • Learn more about ERA Minnesota and look for more information and ways that you can help!

What do we want? Equal rights for every person.  When do we want it?  NOW!


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