Me Too Rally For International Women’s Day

#MeToo has encouraged more and more women to come forward and expose their abusers. While we should claim a partial victory in the firings of rich and powerful predators in the wake of the Weinstein revelations, we’re not stopping there.

The next step is to build a movement of millions in the streets, of collective action and strategic activism that takes aim at sexual harassment in every workplace. And we still need to take down Trump, the predator-in-chief himself.

Come commemorate this International Women’s Day weekend by rebuilding a powerful mass women’s movement and joining us in demanding:

– Unions, women’s organizations, and other forces must launch a mass campaign against sexual harassment in the workplace
– Impeach the “Predator-in-Chief,” serial harasser Trump.
– Take part in actions around International Women’s Day (March 8), marching alongside women around the world.

If your organization is interested in endorsing, please send a message to our FB page or an email to

Link to Facebook Event

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