Moving From Race to Culture: Cultural Conclave

February 21, 2020 @ 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
2400 3rd Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Moving from Race to Culture
Examining the Racialization of Whiteness as Cultural Amnesia
The Cultural Wellness field of study of Cultural Amnesia as the forced getting of one’s history wrong and the partial suppression of an unwanted past.

What will happen at the Cultural Conclave?
The Conclave is a day of gathering for retreat, reflection, and deep connection. As such, participants will spend time looking into ourselves, getting to know each other, and discussing the leadership needed for a more equitable and inclusive Minnesota. Participants will work through circle dialogue to:

1. surface and celebrate multiple cultural ways of knowing that address internal transformation and external life experiences;
2. increase awareness of cultural knowledge as a hidden and sometimes lost resource which can be applied to solving problems and living in harmony with one’s self and others; and
3. create a Cultural Self-study community to inform transformational leadership, while producing and harvesting new cultural knowledge.

Everyone has culture. Cultural continuity is often silently adhered to through identity, ethnicity, nationality, and race. At the Conclave, Cultural Wellness engaged scholars of European Heritage will lead an exploration of rethinking cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion especially what it means to confront whiteness.
Attendees can expect:
• to tour the Enduring Soul Gallery
• to enjoy home cooked meal of a variety of foods
• to participate in cultural ritual, ceremony, and entertainment
• to never be alone in the process of engagement

Who should attend the Cultural Conclave?
Anyone who is interested in Moving from Race to Culture.

What is Moving from Race to Culture?
Moving from Race to Culture is a Cultural Wellness Approach to working across culture.

To Know your Culture
Know and reclaim our cultural identity, grounded in historical experiences, in what nurtures us from our culture and what gives us greater resiliency with each event.
• Cultural ways of knowing
• Values, concepts, principles
• Stories, myths
• Health practices, spiritual practices

To Reconciliation Work
Know and take responsibility for our history, our culture’s position on the planet.
• Name the wrongs
• Understand and change disruptive patterns/patterns of oppression
• Learn reconciliation processes
To Establish Cultural Interfacing Objectives
• Learn how to recognize and respect other cultural ways of knowing, other knowledge systems.
• See things from another’s perspective.
• Give space for other’s ways of knowing, authority, ownership of knowledge.

What the Conclave is not.
It is not a space attack people instead of problems. It is not a space for blaming, shaming, not learning about the other.

Organization Professionals $200
Grassroots Organizers $100
Students/Elders $50

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