Protect Minnesota Health Care!

May 1, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Minnesota State Capitol
Minnesota State Capitol
75 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard., St Paul, MN 55155


We will update the day and time as soon as we know when the Health and Human Services Omnibus Bill is going to be on the Senate floor!

The Senate Health and Human Services Omnibus bill includes a number of harmful cuts and proposals, including an elimination of dental and vision benefits, caps on disability waivers, and no repeal of the provider tax sunset. With other groups from advocacy communities like child care and disability rights we hope to create a chorus to tell our lawmakers what Minnesota needs.

Groups and organizations: bring advocates, family members, friends, neighbors! We need you at the capitol when this bill hits the floor!

What we will do:
1) We will chant, sing, scream and make as much noise as possible so Senators know loud and clear that we do not support the harmful elements of this bill.
2) We will send in postcards and pictures to remind lawmakers of our concerns and that we are watching the bill proceedings.
3) We will pull lawmakers to take pictures with our whiteboard and give away sunshine buttons to those who support eliminating the sunset.
4) We will tag key lawmakers in our photos on social media.

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