Sexual Harassment Task Force Rally!

January 26, 2018 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Minnesota State Capitol
Minnesota State Capitol
75 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard., St Paul, MN 55155

Please join us at the Capitol Rotunda!

Two months ago, sexually harassed women in our Minnesota legislature requested an independent task force!

Two months ago, we held a rally at the Capitol to support these women!

This task force is to ensure that people working at the Capitol and in campaigns are able to do their jobs without sexual harassment or assault!

TWO MONTHS have passed and NOTHING has happened.

These women recently asked AGAIN for a task force.

Still nothing.

This failure to act by our elected officials is not acceptable!

Systemic change must occur!

PLEASE JOIN US so we may make it VERY CLEAR to the Governor and the legislative leaders that we are not going anywhere and we WILL NOT be ignored.



*We, the Citizens of Minnesota are coming to the Capitol to demand that a bipartisan task force on sexual harassment and abuse be established IMMEDIATELY and WITHOUT DELAY!!

*The Minnesota State Capitol is the People’s Capitol.

*You, our elected officials, must take steps NOW to make it a safe and harassment-free, abuse-free, workplace for ALL!!!!

PLEASE SHARE this event and THANK YOU for supporting these women!

For more background information:

Minnesota Protests is a grass roots 100% volunteer organization.

If you would like to contribute to help defray the costs of this rally ($400 for stage/sound, $100 for signs):

Otherwise, you may mail a check to: Minnesota Protests
P.O. Box 211351
Eagan, MN 55121

Link to Facebook Event

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