Fake Emergency- Real Threat to Immigrants and Democracy

Walda Lanza

Many activists have been mobilized since Trump declared his “fake emergency” at our southern border when Congress wouldn’t fund his unnecessary wall. Taking to the streets needs to just be the beginning. MN Atty General Keith Ellison has added Minnesota to the lawsuit to stop this. Please check at end of post for other ways that you can help.

This “fake emergency” is dangerous on two fronts.  First it continues his racist, fear mongering argument that there is an invasion of violent migrants across our southern border.  News crews have been at the border filming and interviewing folks down there demonstrating that this is not true.  His own intelligence officials reinforced that there is no national security emergency there. What is true is that legal asylum seekers are being refused entrance and many are still being detained, including families that are separated, with some dying.

The second threat is to our democracy.  If the president can do an end run around Congress, who is supposed to control where our tax dollars are spent, then what is to stop our democracy from falling further into an autocracy that lacks checks and balances.  This is all built on a lie and the money will be coming from other areas that we may really need the funds

Please listen to speakers from the rally organized by local immigrant, labor and anti-war groups discuss the real threats. This country was and continues to be built by immigrants, and many migrants are fleeing countries where US policy has had a negative impact on their living conditions.

This article does a good job of summarizing some key points

Thank you to our new CD2Action partners for these calls to action

Minnesota Caravan Solidarity / Minnesota en Solidaridad con la Caravana
is organizing locally to fight for the human and civil rights of refugees and asylum seekers, and to demand change. Our work is supported and endorsed by individuals and diverse groups in the immigrant rights, peace, solidarity, political, and civil rights movements, and communities of faith. We denounce human rights abuses at the border. We believe in keeping families together. Refugees and immigrants are welcome here. Stop the wall. Stop the deportations. No. Muslim. Ban. Ever.
@MNCaravanSolidarity, MN4Caravans@gmail.com, 651-224-7308

Calls to Action

Saturday, March 2 from 12:30 -2PM The Long Honduran Night: Terror, and the United States in the Aftermath of the Coup. Author Dana Frank speaks upstairs at Faith Mennonite Church, 2720 E 22nd St. Minneapolis, 55406.

Saturday, March 2 Organizing meeting for all partners in Minnesota Caravan Solidarity. 2:00 pm downstairs at Faith Mennonite Church, 2720 E 22nd St. Minneapolis, 55406.

Saturday, March 23 Solidarity Without Borders for Migrants and Asylum Seekers. Community/ Educational event. 1:00 – 4:00 pm. Location TBD.

Open letter from the women’s committee of the Central American Exodus, 1-13-18

Por qué migran los hondureños y hondureñas? (Why do Hondurans migrate) https://www.facebook.com/RadioProgresoPaginaOficial/videos/193504658225118/UzpfSTMzNTg2OTM2MzY0MDoxMDE1NzExMzMzMTU2MzY0MQ/

This is not a Natural Disaster, it is Manmade. Interview with Dr. Dana Frank

Statement by Bertha Zuñiga Cáceres, leader of COPINH, about assassination of her mother, environmental and indigenous leader, Berta Cáceres, in 2016

FACEBOOK pages to monitor: @MNCarvanSolidarity, @ExodoCentroAmericano, @immigrantlawcenterMN, @Presente.org, @nacla,

CONTACT THE US CONGRESS– Let your representatives know that they need to fight this move by Trump to overthrow the will of Congress. They are a co-equal branch of government and they need to speak out against this.

Univ of Minnesota Medical Delegation will travel to San Diego and Tijuana to work in Mexican shelters serving caravan refugees waiting for their asylum cases to be heard. Contact Miguel Elias-Fiol at fiolx001@umn.edu. https://www.gofundme.com/Minnesota-Medical-Missions-for-Honduran-Caravan

Faith Mennonite Church – Minneapolis, Caravan Ministry. In July 2018, Faith Mennonite Church’s ministry with migrant people extended solidarity with two Honduran families who traveled with a group of more than 1,000 Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States. Their expression of solidarity through support has meant that they are safe, have their daily needs met, and have a community around them. https://donate.democracyengine.com/EmergencyMigrantMinistry/contribute

Veterans for Peace–Tijuana Chapter of Deported Vets have an office a half block from the Mexico/US Border crossing. They help with logistics and feed folks waiting in long lines to have their case for asylum heard. Give directly to the VfP Tijuana Chapter’s efforts with the refugees at https://app.etapestry.com/onlineforms/VeteransforPeace/deportedvets.html

PopUp Clinic in Tijuana The Minnesota Medical Delegation will be joining this existing effort engaging medical professionals to serve refugees hosted by the San Diego Border Dreamers.

Support empowerment of Honduran leaders within the Exodus and Honduran social movements. Working directly with these leaders, we want to ensure the refugees have the support needed from Honduran and U.S. social movements to use their voices and push for broad solutions. https://www.gofundme.com/support-refugee-exodus-accompaniment-by-hondurans?fbclid=IwAR19zGsqjdCz6ELpz5uOSJiC1ecdti2vWc0m1Bcb92B2ay_zuXwzKxY41Xc

Al Otro Lado is a bi-national, direct legal services organization with offices in Los Angeles, San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, serving indigent deportees, migrants. https://alotrolado.org/take-action/donate/

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