H. R. 1383, Vietnam Human Rights Act.

Summary: This bill amends various reporting requirements related to foreign assistance and human rights. It also authorizes various aid programs related to Vietnam.

In its annual reports to Congress on human rights in foreign countries and U.S. security assistance programs, the Department of State shall include assessments of online freedom of expression in each country, including efforts by governments to censor information, punish individuals for their speech, and monitor communications.

The State Department’s annual report on human rights in Vietnam shall include information regarding the country’s progress in various areas, including with respect to ending torture and violence against religious groups and returning property improperly confiscated by the Vietnamese government.

The bill authorizes the State Department to establish programs to (1) monitor and halt sex trafficking of women from Vietnam and other Asian countries, and (2) address Vietnam’s growing sex-ratio disparity. It authorizes the President to provide assistance for ethnic minority groups in Vietnam affected by human rights violations and directs the State Department to report on such efforts. (Cosponsors)

ANGIE CRAIG’S POSITION:  Representative Craig Cosponsored the bill on 04/17/20.

STATUS: Introduced 02/26/19 by Rep. Smith, Christopher H. [R-NJ-4] .


  • “It’s been a bad year for human rights in Vietnam. U.S. citizen Michael Nguyen, a father of four from Los Angeles, remains detained without due process and he was not the only American arrested and mistreated in Vietnam last year,” said Smith, who has chaired 11 hearings on human rights in Vietnam. “The Vietnamese regime continues its to efforts to crush civil society, suppress free speech and religion, and jail bloggers and rights advocates.” (Source: Rep. Smith, Press Release, 02/28/19)


Link to the text of the bill.

Link to bill information (support and opposition) on Countable.

Link to bill information on GovTrack.

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