H. R. 2336, Family Farmer Relief Act of 2019.

Summary: To amend title 11, United States Code, with respect to the definition of “family farmer”.  Section 101(18) of title 11, United States Code, is amended by striking “$3,237,000” each place that term appears and inserting “$10,000,000”. Cosponsors



ANGIE CRAIG’S POSITION:  Representative Craig cosponsored the bill on 4/25/19.

  • Family farmers in Minnesota deserve a fair shot at being able to pass their farm on to the next generation. But too many face severe financial stress from lower commodity prices and a reckless trade war, that’s why I cosponsored a bill to help farmers restructure their debt. (Source: Twitter, Angie Craig Tweet, 5/18/19)
  • This week, the House passed the bipartisan Family Farmer Relief Act, a bill I cosponsored to give farmers more flexibility in debt relief during these uncertain economic times. It doesn’t solve everything, but it’s a critical step toward giving farmers the certainty they need. (Source: Twitter, Rep. Craig Tweet, 7/26/19)

STATUS: Introduced 4/18/19 by Rep. Delgado, Antonio [D-NY-19]. The bill passed by voice vote on 7/25/19.


  • Three U.S. Senators reintroduced the Family Farmer Relief Act of 2019 last month. The legislation would raise the operating debt cap for Chapter 12 to $10 million. (Source: KAIT)
  • FAMILY FARMER RELIEF ACT: Ask Senators to support changes to Chapter 12 Bankruptcy. (Source: American Farm Bureau Federation)


  • Link to the text of the bill.
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