H. R. Stop Vaping Ads Act of 2019.

Summary: To amend the Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act to extend the prohibition on electronic advertisements of cigarettes and little cigars to electronic nicotine delivery systems. Cosponsors (Partisan)

ANGIE CRAIG’S POSITION:  Representative Craig cosponsored the bill on 9/19/19.

STATUS: Introduced 9/09/19 by Rep. Brownley, Julia [D-CA-26].


  • “Until the 1970s, the powerful cigarette industry used broadcast marketing as a means to sell their deadly products to Americans, and it cynically targeted young people in order to attract new customers, who would be beholden to their products for life. Today, the e-cigarette industry is doing the same thing,” said Congresswoman Brownley. (Source: Rep. Brownley, Press Release, 9/09/19)


  • Link to the text of the bill.
  • Link to bill information (support and opposition) on Countable.

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