Helping Address Racial Disparities in MN Child Welfare System

At MNxMN2019, Beyond the Vote one session by Kelis Houston of NAACP MPLS and Natasha Phelps of Women’s March Minnesota was on racial disparities in the MN foster care system and why the proposed African American Family Preservation Act (HF342) is so important.

This bill will require MN child welfare agencies to make every effort to keep Black families together and, if children are removed, to find relatives to take care of them, not strangers.

Get background and reference to the extent and complexities of this issue by watching video.

Want to take some action to support this bill?
The bill’s first hearing is TOMORROW – 2/26, 6pm, Rm 200, State Office Bldg. Please attend if you can. Find out more about the bill here: and follow NAACP MPLS who are taking a lead on this campaign.
If your MN Rep is on the Health and Human Services Policy Committee, contact them before Tuesday 6pm and urge them to support this bill. (List of committee members:

100 letters of support are needed for the African American Family Preservation Act’s bill hearings scheduled for 2/26 at 6pm in rm 200 of the state office building and 2/27 at 3pm in rm 1200 of the senate office building. Language is provided below. Please sign and email to

This bill is about keeping families together and keeping children in their communities, and is addressing a national problem of systemic racism in the foster care system.

Thanks to Mary Currie of Women’s March for details on this bill! Want to get involved with Women’s March and their legislative efforts?  Email the team and get involved!