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Treasonous Trump

Yesterday, Trump walked back the statement he made claiming that Russia had nothing to do with interfering in our elections. Before a meeting with GOP lawmakers on Tuesday, Trump told reporters that he misspoke in Helsinki and that when he said he saw no reason why it “would” be Russia that interfered, he meant to say he saw no reason why it “wouldn’t.” (insert worldwide eye roll) Besides a few tweets and statements scolding Trump, Congress has done nothing. Congress has been useless at protecting the country against Trump’s dastardly deeds. If the statements Trump made in Helsinki didn’t prompt members of Congress to act, nothing will. It is looking more and more like our only course of action is to vote them out in November . In the meantime we need to keep the pressure on them. Consider it our job to remind our members on Congress of what they should be doing. No reason they should be comfortable while they are not living up to the oath they took to defend our democracy and represent US.

Here of some topics to contact your members of Congress about. (Full disclosure,  ideas were inspired by Rachel Maddow.)

  • Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a member of the Foreign Relations committee, has called for a hearing with the U. S. interpreter that was in the room with Trump and Putin during their two hour meeting. This interpreter can help determine what Trump discussed/promised during their time together. This is especially important considering that a Russian military spokesman, said in a statement Tuesday that the Russian military “is ready to intensify contacts with the US colleagues in the General Staff and other available channels to discuss the extension of the START treaty, cooperation in Syria, as well as other issues of ensuring military security.” What? We need to know what went on in that meeting. Here are the members of the Foreign Relations Committee if you would like to contact them. None of them are from MN. https://www.foreign.senate.gov/about/membership
  • We should be increasing funding to the states so that they can work on their election security. Dan Coates, Director of National Intelligence has stated that our digital infrastructure is under attack. Agents are meaning to undermine America’s democracy. We have an election in just a few months and almost nothing has been done to protect those votes. Keep in mind that the Trump administration just fired the top cybersecurity coordinator on the National Security Council. No one was hired to replace him and his job was eliminated. This further hampers our ability to ward off cyber attacks. Are you alarmed? You should be alarmed! Congress should be asking why this is happening. They could be holding hearings on why the United States’ digital infrastructure is at risk. This is a call that can be made to all of our members of Congress.
  • Reports have shown that Russia has been targeting the United States’ critical infrastructure, such as energy, nuclear, commercial facilities, water, aviation, and manufacturing sectors. We are essentially sitting ducks vulnerable to a cyber attack that would take away our ability to function. You can call your members of Congress and ask them to hold hearing on this.
  • Trump called to cancel joint military exercises in South Korea without consulting South Korea or U. S. Governments. This was something Putin had asked him to do on a phone call the two had earlier in the year. Why not call your members of Congress and ask them to hold hearing about this. Who approved this policy change?
  • Trump’s son-in-law, Jaren Kushner, took a meeting with a head of a sanctioned bank. Why did that meeting happen?
  • Maria Butina was arrested this week and charged with conspiracy to act as an agent of the Russian Federation and was funneling money through the National Rifle Association (NRA) to gain influence with members of the GOP. On the same day, the Treasury Department announced that it will no longer require certain tax-exempt organizations including politically active nonprofit groups, such as the National Rifle Association to identify their financial donors to U.S. tax authorities. Hmm.
    Congress could use their time in office preventing this change from happening. Why not give them a call.
  • In terms of news, last Friday seems so long ago. Remember when the Mueller investigation released an indictment that accused 12 Russian intelligence officers with conducting a hacking campaign that targeted Democratic political organizations to attempt to influence the 2016 election? Prosecutors charged that the hackers breached the computers of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, then stole troves of emails and other records that the Russian government later made public
    The indictment also stated that an unnamed congressional candidate sought hacked documents about his or her opponent in the 2016 election from Russian intelligence officers who were posing as an online activist. Please read that sentence again because it is a doozy. If Congress wanted to do something, they could try to figure out who that person is, especially those members of the House Ethics Committee (https://ethics.house.gov/about/committee-members)

Please use these topics today to call, email, and tweet your members of Congress.

Oh, and while you’re contacting them let’s not forget  about

  • SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh
  • Children still separated from their parents at the border
  • ICE
  • Further gutting of the healthcare system
  • Puerto Rico
  • Common sense gun violence prevention

Thanks to Power of Many for most of today’s post!

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House of Representative switchboard: (202) 224-3121
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