Honor Them with Action Rally Against Gun Violence and Hate

Photo Credit: Curtis Johnson

Following the latest mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, a rally was held to honor the victims with action- as thoughts and prayers have not proven an effective deterrent to bullets and hate filled attacks.

Please watch the entire video as the speakers were powerful as they demanded legislative action both in St Paul and DC, shared personal stories, denounced white supremacy, and reminded everyone in the crowd the importance of using our voice and our vote! Do Something NOW!

  • Call your reps and demand that they take action on gun violence and the culture of hate.
  • If they are already taking action, thank them
  • If they are not taking these issues seriously, let them know that you will seriously be taking steps to get them voted out- and then work hard to get a representative who shares your values and will work for you rather than special interests
  • Contact Minnesota State Senator Gazelka and demand that he take action on these gun bills now!
  • Join Protect MN and Moms Demand Action– we are stronger together!

**Thank you Curtis Johnson for the photos of the event!


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