Honoring the Delegates- DFL Convention 2018

It was a wild and wacky convention with many twists and turns- and as we now know- many more to come.  We’d like to thank Ken Martin and the DFL for providing press passes to CD2 Action so we could experience the convention alongside participants, to see the event through the eyes of those new to the process and those that have been doing this work for many years.

Click on the picture below to go to our Flickr album and view individual pics or click on the slideshow button in upper right side. CD2 was well represented. Hope you find a fun picture to bring back memories of convention.
DFL Convention 2018

We heard stories of both confusion and excitement as they experienced all that the process involved.  We saw excitement as their chosen candidates were endorsed and disappointment that those they had campaigned for did not move on for endorsement.  We saw and heard healthy discourse on issues and candidates and saw new friendships formed and senate districts bonding through their discussions. We saw electeds and delegates interacting in ways they are not always afforded time and space to do, as well as meeting with union leaders and grassroots groups. We saw what democracy looks like.  It was messy and sometimes confusing, but exhilarating and we rarely heard that someone was sorry that they were there, but instead were honored to be part of the process and took the responsibility of representing their sub-caucuses seriously. As a first time observer I came away with an appreciation for every single person involved in the process and a commitment to attend all future events. As a member of Minnesota Indivisible Alliance, I also was excited about the network of grassroots groups we have statewide and how excited people were to connect around the table we had , alongside all the other groups that were tabling.

Below are the candidates that were endorsed at convention. We at CD2Action are not endorsing any candidates, and aren’t participating in debate on all of the others running in a primary- you have Facebook, Twitter, the local coffee shop and bar for that.  We list these candidates to honor the delegates and organizers.  Those that worked for months to become delegates, caucused, went to multiple conventions, gave up time, money and boundless energy to be a part of our democracy and have their voices heard, many for the first time. We have not forgotten you and we thank you for your commitment and your involvement!

Here is a link to our post Voting in the Primaries 101 Please share this link on your social media timelines so that everyone will have the information they need for the next step in the process!

Governor/ Lt. Governor: Erin Murphy/ Erin Maye Quade

Senators: Amy Klobachar and Tina Smith

Attorney General: Matt Pelikan

Auditor: Julie Blaha

Secretary of State: Steve Simon