Impeachment Eve Rallies

On Tuesday night, on the eve of a historic vote on impeachment in the US House, people gathered in all 50 states, in big cities and small towns, to have their voices heard in support of holding this president accountable for his abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

In St Paul hundreds of people gathered in frigid temperatures to send a clear message that this president has violated his oath of office and needs to go.

Video clips of this event can be viewed below.

But this was not the only rally in Minnesota. Patriots gathered in Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Northfield, Cannon Falls, Otsego and St Peter, as well as other locations around the state.

It’s important that we stay engaged, with our own reps, as well as key players nationally, so that we are not complicit in the demise of our rule of law, checks and balances in our government, election security and the basic tenets of our democracy! .We appreciate our representatives that have reviewed the evidence and agree that no one is above the law!