Importance of Keith Ellison for Atty General-Press Conference w Faith in Minnesota

Standing for all Minnesotans “dignity, respect and safety”, Faith in Minnesota gathered a group of concerned citizens from a variety of faith organizations for a press conference to express their concerns about the future of the upcoming MN attorney general’s race and to share why Keith Ellison will best serve ALL the people of Minnesota.

They call for an end of the politics that sets to divide us, understands that we are greater than fear, and that we are commanded to stand up for one another and treat each other as we would want to be treated. Words that aim to divide us lead to violence as we have recently seen. We need leaders who will stand up to the hateful rhetoric whether aimed at Muslims, Jews, immigrants, people of color or the LGBTQ community, and lead with love and compassion.  Keith Ellison is that leader as that is who he has been for years in his work to serve ALL the people of Minnesota.

The Attorney general’s office will have an impact on standing up to prescription drug companies to help make medications more affordable, aiding criminal justice reform, protecting families seeking opportunities to prosper here, putting the long term health of our planet over short term profit, and standing up for our LGBTQ community.  Keith Ellison will do all of these things and he will lead with compassion rather than fear, as he moves ALL Minnesotans toward a more just and peaceful future. Keith has and will show up to insure that all communities are treated with justice- he has a proven track record of doing just that.

As one pastor shared, ” Every single time Keith has run to represent us, to stand up for Minnesotans, there have been a wealthy and powerful few who have attacked him. Despite these sometimes vicious and underhanded attacks, Keith has stood firm for our rights, our future and our freedom.  So let’s not allow ourselves to be fooled. the stakes could not be higher for Minnesotans. We need an Atty Gen who will stand up to greedy corporations who gouge us on prescription drug prices and bosses who steal people’s wages…The choice is clear.  Let’s stand with Keith Ellison as he has stood with us!”

Watch the press conference in it’s entirety here, including an initial moment of silence led by a local rabbi.

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