Jason Lewis had 12 town halls…in CD4
no ticket required UPDATED

Jason Lewis is in an exclusive club of members of Congress that do not live, vote or presumably even shop in the district they represent.

Lewis lives in Woodbury, which is represented by Rep. Betty McCollum (D-CD4). In the past two years she has held ten town halls in their shared district, plus another two for his constituents in CD2. These were held due to Lewis’ refusal, until now, to hold any.

Legal but unusual: Lewis actually lives closer to Wisconsin than he does CD2.
Legal but unusual: Lewis can drive to Wisconsin in half the time than it takes him to drive to his office in CD2 (which itself is barely in the district).

Upcoming Event- UPDATE

We now know venues for Lewis’s Town Halls thanks to Jordan Independent paper

“The former right-wing talk show host will host town halls in Wabasha, Lakeville, and Jordan, Minnesota this Saturday, May 19:

  • At Wabasha, National Eagle Center, 116 Main St W. The doors open at 9:30 a.m.; the event begins at 10 a.m.
  • At Lakeville, Rosehenge Hall, 20732 Holt Avenue. Doors open 1 p.m., event begins at 1:30 p.m.
  • Jordan, Carasim Coffee Shop, 231 Broadway St. Doors open 4:30 p.m.; event begins at 5 p.m.”

After nearly 18 months of his constituents asking for a public town hall, Lewis has responded by planning three town halls — all on the same day (May 19). Constituents are required to apply for a ticket and show a government-issued voter ID. Apply here. The criteria for receiving a ticket are not stated, leading to much speculation as to how open these events will be.

At  McCollum’s  town halls, there are no tickets required, no government-issued photo ID . She simply publishes the date and location where she will be and people show up.

Lewis has announced the cities where the town halls will take place, Wabasha, Lakeville and Jordan, but has not revealed the venues. So constituents are left wondering how many seats will be available? What criteria will determine who will get tickets? How long will each town hall last? Will media be present, video available for those that can’t attend? How will questions be determined, what format will be used? As of the time of this post- we have few answers.

The inclusion of the requirement for a government-issued photo ID makes it likely that applicants will undergo some sort of vetting process. It could be as innocent as a check to make sure attendees actually live in CD2. This would be ironic of course, considering the congressman himself does not live in CD2.

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Rep. Betty McCollum Town Halls

All were publicly announced, no ticket required
1/18/17Town Hall – Highland Park Community Center Library
Attendance: hundreds, standing room only
1/26/17Town Hall – Neighborhood House
Attendance: 500+
2/18/17*McCollum’s CD2 health care forum
Attendance: 250
2/21/17Labor Town Hall – Labor Federation Saint Paul
Attendance: 60+
2/23/17Climate Town Hall – University of Saint Thomas
Attendance: 600+
2/24/17Health Care & Social Security Town Hall – Hallie Q. Brown Center
Attendance: 300
3/25/17 Town Hall – Macalester College
Attendance: NA
3/31/17Town Hall – Boutwell’s Landing, Stillwater, MN
Attendance: NA
5/30/17Field Hearing – Arts & Humanities
– MN State Capitol
Attendance: NA
7/22/17*CD2 Forum in Lakeville, MN
Attendance: NA
2/1/18 Town Hall – North Saint Paul, MN
Attendance: NA
3/9/18All Call Congressional Hearing – MN State Capitol
Attendance: NA

*Two BONUS town halls held by Rep. Betty McCollum in CD2 during the absence of Jason Lewis

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