Legal Fight Over Statewide Reproductive Rights

A woman’s right to determine when and if she will have a child is legal throughout our country.  But state legislatures have been chipping away at these rights through laws that limit access, and put undo burdens on women in this most personal of decisions.

Back in May, an article at MPR explained, “a coalition of women’s and abortion rights groups, along with the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, announced a lawsuit in St. Paul. They said a 1995 state Supreme Court decision made a number of existing regulations unconstitutional, including a waiting period and parental notification requirements.

The case is rooted in a belief that current laws go too far in dictating how abortion providers consult with patients, what women must do before undergoing the procedure and what must happen after the fact to notify the state and dispense with fetal tissue. (Not sure what current abortion laws are in MN? Click here)

The Minnesota restrictions run afoul of a landmark ruling by the state’s top court, Peterson said, “In 1995, these basic rights to privacy and personal decision-making were upheld by the Minnesota Supreme Court in the case Doe v. Gomez,” she said. “And yet, anti-abortion politicians have been quietly chipping away at our rights for years.””

Well this case has now come before a judge and a rally was held to bring attention to this important case. Read about this case and watch video from rally.

Several organizations were represented at this rally including UnRestrict Minnesota, Our Justice, Gender Justice, NCJW-MN and one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit The First Unitarian Society of Minnesota.

Please visit their websites, follow this case in the news, and VOTE like your reproductive rights depend on it!

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