Lewis, You’ve Yacht to Be Kidding Me-

On Monday August 6th a group of constituents, and reps from Organizing For Action and Planned Parenthood that work within CD2, went to Rep. Jason Lewis’s office to discuss the truth behind the #TaxScam, among other issues.  There was a nautical take on this rally as a member of Congress, after voting for the GOP tax bill, figured out he personally would benefit so greatly from this bill that he went out and bought himself a yacht. OFA then organized rallies to present other congressmen with “yachts” to symbolize the general public’s dissatisfaction with this bill and our representation in general.

Here is a partial video of our discussion with staff at Lewis’s office.  Apologies as the video was cut off due to an incoming call (very high tech). We did appreciate the time that staff gave us.  It felt respectful, we only wish we could have similar experiences with our representative!

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