March for Immigrant and Refugees Rights

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May Day is recognized internationally as a day to honor workers.  Our country was built on the backs of immigrants from all over the world.  At the rally and march from the Cathedral to the Capitol,  the intersection of labor and immigrants and refugees rights were intertwined through speakers, music and calls to action!

Excerpted from Immigrant Movement for Justice  “Since 2006, International Workers’ Day has been a day of symbolic resistance for our immigrant and refugee communities. It is a day that recognizes our continuous struggle to emerge from the shadows of this society to live a dignified life—one where we are respected as equals, where we are respected as workers, as students, and as children and parents who want to live without fear of their family being painfully torn apart. ”

There were 3 calls to action: “We invite you, our fellow community members, to join the voices of 12 million workers, students and families and united we will raise our voices to demand:

  1. Legalization for all undocumented immigrants at a national and state level,
  2. Respect for the rights of our refugee brothers and sisters and those protected by TPS, DACA, and political asylum, and
  3. A stop to unfair deportations against immigrants.”

Contact your reps and support all immigrants in our communities.

Links to Organizations– like and follow their pages and get involved in any way you can

Immigrant Movement for Justice

Filipinx For Immigrant Rights and Racial Justice in Minnesota- FIRM

Please view videos from rally and march.  (Individual videos can be selected in upper left corner )


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