Migrant Children and ICE Raids Public Info Meeting

On Friday 6/28 a meeting was hosted by Minnesota Legislative POCI Caucus Members:
Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn, Rep. Fue Lee, Rep. Hodan Hassan, Sen. Jeff Hayden, Sen. Patricia Torres-Ray, Sen. Melisa Franzen, Rep. Mohamud Noor, Rep. Rena Moran, Rep. Ruth Richardson, Rep. Aisha Gomez, Rep. Kaohly Her, Rep. Tou Xiong, Sen. Bobby Joe Champion, Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podein, Rep. Jay Xiong, Rep. Alice Mann

This was a public meeting to share information about what is happening at the border regarding migrant children and the impact of potential ICE raids on Minnesota communities. Information was provided by immigration attorneys and impacted community members.

You can help by donating to organizations supporting immigrants at the border and locally ; links to these can be found at end of post.  Please give generously, you know, like it was your kids’ lives on the line, your family trying to build a better life somewhere safe. Also make sure that you are calling your reps regularly to let them know how you feel about this immigration crisis that this administration has created.

Below is the video live stream from this meetingHere are some key time stamps, though we hope you will view the meeting in its entirety.

1:30– The first speaker on the panel is Ana Pottratz Acosta, who teaches at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law and specializes in immigration law.  She shared a wealth of information and statistics to give us a firm background in the history of immigration issues and our current laws, some of which are and are not being followed. Listening to her will give you a much better sense of exactly what is going on as people try to seek asylum in the US, including the children.

36:10 Kara Lynum, an immigration atty based out of St Paul  shared heart wrenching accounts of what she has seen and heard is going on at our southern border.  Note this may be a trigger for those who have suffered trauma in their lives.  Non-profit groups and faith based groups are trying to provide for those who are stuck at the border because of how slowly asylum cases are being handled. Their efforts are not sufficient as people try to legally enter our country based on our own asylum laws. Boxes of tissues were distributed as we listened to the horror of what is happening.  She discussed what our government could do right now to end this humanitarian disaster.

1:18:45 Daniel Perez, a Mexican national, getting ready to take his citizenship exam and working as an elementary school social worker shares both his personal story of moving toward citizenship and describes the trauma ICE raids and the uncertainty around immigration issues has on the children he works with.

1:39:00 Robin Meyer Thompson, of the Immigrant Law Center, spoke about procedural process for those being held by ICE, populations that are most vulnerable, and ideas for family preparedness for those who are vulnerable to ICE intervention.  Please share these tips and/or video with anyone you know who is at risk!

Organizations to donate to at the border:

Organizations to donate to in Minnesota: