MN Legislative Calls to Action- Week of March 18th

Thanks to Indivisible MN Legislative Action for these calls to action. Also check out the CD2Action Calendar for a variety of events going on this week, including at the Capitol.

Below are hearings we think you’ll want to know about and you can find the full schedule of hearings at the MN Legislature web site.

If your legislator is on the committee, call them. Otherwise call the Committee Chair (in the House) or the Minority Lead (in the Senate).

Monday – hands free cell phone use while driving, opioid stewardship council
Tuesday – transfer of money from tax payers to businesses, family medical leave, wage theft, sick time
Wednesday – commemorate women’s suffrage
Thursday – net neutrality, create an office of sustainability for state government

Monday, March 18


HF50 (House) – This bill prohibits cell phone use while driving a motorized (??) vehicle in general; some exceptions exist to account for navigational purposes.
HF400 (House) – This bill establishes the Opioid Stewardship Advisory Council and requires drug manufacturers and wholesale drug distributors that sell or distribute opioids in Minnesota to pay a product registration fee into an opioid stewardship account. This money will go towards prevention and treatment of opioid addiction.
While I don’t think this bill will have any trouble passing the DFL controlled House and a few Republicans have signed onto the bill, Republicans have historically been opposed to fees on drug manufacturers. It would be good to call and let them know you support having drug manufacturers help fund recovery from the damage created by their drugs.

Hearing Date: 3/18/2019
Hearing Time: 3:30:00 PM
Location: House Floor
Committee: House Vote – please call your rep to support

Tuesday, March 19


SF2055 (Senate) – This bill allows retailers to keep some of your sales taxes to reimburse them for collecting the tax. This is taking money from schools and healthcare to pay businesses for costs of doing business.

Hearing Date: 3/19/2019
Hearing Time: 8:30:00 AM
Location: Room 15 Capitol
Committee: Taxes
Chair: Chamberlain
Vice Chair: Senjem
Minority Lead: Rest
Members: Anderson P., Bakk, Dziedzic, Franzen, Gazelka, Howe, Miller


HF5 (House) – Establishes a family and medical leave insurance program for up to 12 weeks each year of qualifying leave (for example pregnancy or family care). If the family care is for a service member or meets a qualifying exigency you can get up to 26 weeks of paid leave. Overall this a good proposal to make paid family leave available in MN.
HF6 (House) – This bill greatly increases the ability of the state to prosecute wage theft, makes it so the theft does not have to be an intentional attempt to defraud, increases fines and penalties, and prohibits mployers from retaliating against employees who assert their rights under the law.
HF11(House) – This bill requires employers to allow employees to accrue “sick and safe time” (basically sick leave and family leave) at a rate of 1 hour for every 30 worked up to 48 hours with the ability to carry over unused hours for 1 year. The ability to use the hours starts after 90 days of employment. This bill will allow workers to take earned time off, with pay, for various contingencies.

Hearing Date: 3/19/2019
Hearing Time: 5:30:00 PM
Location: TBD
Committee: Jobs and Economic Development Finance Division
Chair: Mahoney
Vice Chair: Noor
Minority Lead: Gunther
Members: Backer, Claflin, Davnie, Ecklund, Haley, Hassan, Koegel, Koznick, Mekeland, Moran, Robbins, Stephenson, Sundin, Xiong J.

Wednesday, March 20


HF2029 (House) – This bill would fund a monument to commemorate the first woman to vote after the ratification of the 19th amendment.

Hearing Date: 3/20/2019
Hearing Time: 12:45:00 PM
Location: Room 5 State Office Building
Committee: Legacy Finance Division
Chair: Lillie
Vice Chair: Wazlawik
Minority Lead: Heintzeman
Members: Boe, Green, Hausman, Murphy, Urdahl, Wagenius, Xiong J.

Thursday, March 21


HF136 (House) – Establishes net neutrality as law for internet providers operating in Minnesota. This means that an internet provider cannot treat content from different sites differently. For example, they can’t make Netflix run more slowly unless you or Netflix pays more money. This bill has no republican support right now.
HF2053 (House) – Establishes a separate office of Sustainability that will engage in and track activities to reduce the impact of the state government on the environment. By making this its own office, it will help to protect this work from departmental budget cuts or a change of focus by the head in the Department of Administration

Hearing Date: 3/21/2019
Hearing Time: 8:00:00 AM
Location: Basement Hearing Room
Committee: State Government Finance Division
Chair: Nelson
Vice Chair: Carlson A.
Minority Lead: Albright
Members: Acomb, Elkins, Freiberg, Green, Hertaus, Huot, Kiel, Kelvorn, Lippert, Long, Masin, Nash, Olson, Quam, Vogel

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