MN Senate GOP- Missing in Action

Interested in having our elections protected from cyber attacks?  We are too!  Unfortunately the Republican leaders in the MN Senate couldn’t even be bothered to come to a meeting on releasing HAVA – Help America Vote Act- funds. Over $6mil is going unused, and we are vulnerable. There should be bipartisan concern over our elections being protected!

Many concerned citizens were there.  We were wearing “target” stickers to remind legislators that we are tired of being “targets” of possible cyber attacks as we are the ONLY state that has not accessed this money.

Please take a few minutes to watch part of the video of this meeting. Listen to our frustrated representatives.  Listen to our Secretary of State- Steve Simon and an expert on protecting elections from Illinois.  Then take actions below!

Here is an article explaining our current dilemna: HAVA, Russian hackers and provisional ballots: How an ‘early win’ became a legislative quagmire

Act NOW!-

1. Check in with your MN State Senator. Tell them you want action on releasing HAVA funds.  Thank them if they are supportive!

2. Contact Senate Majority leader Paul Gazelka and let him know how important these HAVA funds are and how disappointed you are that Republican committee members didn’t even attend!

3. Review the other amazing bills that the MN House has been working on that have passed and that the Senate won’t hold hearing on. See DFL Senators Hold Mock Hearings on Banned Bills Care about Paid Family Leave, ERA, common sense gun violence prevention and so much more?  Thank your DFL MN House reps for passing great policies that put we the people first. Check in with your MN State Senators to let them know what you want action on and thank them if they agree!

4.  Have reps that aren’t representing you, your values, your needs?  It’s not too early to work on getting out the vote for 2020.  Find someone wonderful in your community to run against them. Run against them yourself!  Remind them that they work for you and that they can be replaced.