MNLeg Action Newsletter of 15 March 2022- Take Action Today

Note: These alerts are produced by an ad hoc consortium of Indivisible leaders. We find current actions and pass them on to you.  We hope you will pass them on to your own members, other leaders, and everybody.  CD2 Action responsible for editorial comments. This newsletter includes 6 calls to action- do one- do them all!


  1. Support Minneapolis Students and Teachers

Full Details here

After months of negotiations, the MFT 59 – Minneapolis teachers union began striking on Tuesday March 8th.  Negotiations continue on Monday between the Minneapolis school district and its teachers union as the group’s strike stretches into a new school week.

After weekend mediation sessions, district and union leaders both say they want to end the strike quickly. District officials said their latest offer represents a “financial limit.” The union’s goal is to get their priorities, including class-size caps, mental health supports and higher wages into contract language. Classes are canceled Monday and indefinitely until the two parties reach an agreement.

Note: Remember all metro area teacher contracts are negotiated with neighboring districts in mind.  We want Minneapolis to have strong schools and their contract can have real life impact on the schools outside Mpls that your kids may attend


Email Minneapolis school leadership

Superindendant Ed Graff:

Minneapolis School Board:

Sample Script for voice or email is HERE

  1. Fully Fund our Schools

Full Details Here

Related Legislation: HF3587, HF0965 Edelson, HF4118 Hassan, HF3968 Edelson

Thousands of Minneapolis educators are on strike over a push for higher wages, smaller classes and more mental health support for students in a district facing a multimillion-dollar budget shortfall. But the local dispute over finances has also raised questions about another pot of money: the state’s record $9.3 billion surplus.

“That’s what the Legislature has to pay attention to — this isn’t a unique conversation happening in one school district,” said Denise Specht, president of the statewide teachers union Education Minnesota. “[Legislators] have a role to play here because this is a statewide problem.”

Note: This has real impact on all public schools statewide, as well as your property taxes which make up for shortfalls and can affect the fees you have to pay for local school services.


Call and email leadership in the Minnesota House and Senate

Sen Chamberlain – Chair Education Finance and Policy  E-mail: Use Mail Form   651-296-1253

Sen Richardson – Chair Education Policy  E-mail: 651-296-4192

Sample Script for voice or email is HERE

  1. Support bill to fund the Office for Missing and Murdered Black Women and Girls

View video about task force[embedyt][/embedyt]

Full Details Here

Related Legislation: 

HF2849 (Rep. Ruth Richardson)

SF3370  (Sen. Mary Kunesh) Pappas is a co-sponsor (St Paul)

In 2021 the state legislature approved the creation of the Missing and Murdered African American Women taskforce.  It was charged with examining and reporting on:

  • Systemic causes of violence against African American women and girls
  • Appropriate methods of tracking and collecting data
  • Policies, practices, and institutions that impact violence against African American women and girls
  • Measures necessary to address and reduce violence against African American women and girls, and
  • Measures necessary to help victims, their families,and their communities.

This bill would appropriate $500,000 in fiscal year 2023 to establish the office and have it managed by the Office of Justice Programs  in the Department of Public Safety.   It would fold the work of the task force into the new department.

Data indicates that cases of missing and murdered Black women and girls stay open and unsolved four times longer than other cases.

Amber Alerts are less likely to be issued for missing Black girls, and missing Black girls are more likely to be classified as runaways rather than victims of foul play.

These racial disparities and others are the result of systemic racism, which has caused a crisis in the Black community.

“The data is clear, unacceptable, and speaks to the urgency of the crisis,” Author Ruth Richardson notes.

Note: Systemic racism in law enforcement agencies has left Black communities over prosecuted and under served. This is just one more example.  When they get better at policies around missing and murdered Black women in the state, all women will be safer.  Better policies and implementation yield more effective results for everyone.

BILL STATUS IN THE HOUSE – The House Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform Finance and Policy Committee approved passage of the bill to the House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Committee on a vote of 18-0 on March 3rd.  It is expected to be heard in that committee on 3/17 and then returned to Public Safety for inclusion in the omnibus.

STATUS IN THE SENATE – The senate bill was referred to the Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy committee, but no hearing is in the schedule right now.


Session Daily Overview on Bill

Missing and Murdered African American Women Taskforce


We will be reaching out to the leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee asking that they schedule a committee hearing on the bill.  AND contacting our own state senator encouraging them to co-sponsor the bill and talk with peers to influence for a hearing.

For those in St. Paul, reach out to Senator Pappas and thank her for being a co-sponsor and to use her influence on the committee to get a hearing scheduled

Chair Warren Limmer –  Email form651-296-2159 

Vice Chair Mark Johnson – Email Form – 651-296-5782 

Ranking Minority Leader Ron Latz – Email Form – 651-297-8065 

Sample Script for Voice or Email is HERE 


These are Actions that we have sent out already but are still relevant.

  1. Restrict No-Knock Warrants bill
  2. Get an Equal Rights Amendment into the MN and US constitution
  3. Provide Free Menstrual Products in Schools


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