Moms Demand Action House Party- Building Community to End Gun Violence

On November 14th, in Eagan, Moms Demand Action had a house party.  18 folks from around the south metro joined together to learn and share how we can stop the gun violence that continuously rocks communities all over the country, coincidentally happening on the night of the latest school shooting in California.

Who are Moms Demand Action supporters?  They are moms, and people who aren’t moms.  They are your neighbor, your kid’s teacher, your friend. They are people who care about curbing gun violence everywhere.  Meet the folks who showed up this week.

What happens at a Moms Demand Action House Party?  Here is a leader going over the agenda for the night.

Along with getting a ton of information we heard from gun violence survivor Bob Mokos

Want to get involved with Moms?  Want to host a house party of your own?  Want to learn more and end gun violence in our communities?