Moms Demand Action Lobby Day

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Moms Demand Action Rally Day on April 18, 2018 brought together about a thousand people from all over the state to tell their legislators that they must act to prevent gun violence in our communities.

Organizers met with participants at a church close to the Capitol where they were instructed on key issues, how to effectively talk with legislators, and then went with volunteers to the rally at the Capitol and to meetings with their senators and representatives.  For some, this was the first time they had ever lobbied, for others this was a repeat of asks regarding gun violence prevention legislation they had discussed in the past.

You can join this effort by calling or emailing your representatives and insisting that they support:

1. Universal background checks on all gun sales, thus eliminating many loopholes

2. Red Flag laws that would allow access to guns to be removed temporarily from those that were deemed to be a danger to themselves or others, following due process procedures.

3. In addition support Firearm Data Collection for Research bill (Rep Erin Murphy/Sen Matt Klein) which views preventing gun violence as a public health issue.

Chants from “Moms” could be heard throughout the Capitol of “Not One More”, “Enough is Enough” and if no action is taken- “Vote Them Out”!

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