Moms Demand Action Thank Angie Craig for Support on HR8

On Monday February 25th, several constituents of CD2, who are also Moms Demand Action members, met with staff at Congresswoman Angie Craig’s office.  The purpose of the meeting was to thank Representative Craig for her support of HR8, which is the US House bill that would require a background check for every firearm sale.

Residents shared their personal stories and explained why this bill was so important to each of them.  Please watch the video below and hear their stories and think about your personal reasons for wanting to end the gun violence in our communities and how this violence, or the threat of this violence, has touched you.

Thank you to Rep. Craig’s District Director, Nick Coe, for taking the time to hear our stories and making this office so welcoming to constituents.

Please call Rep. Craig’s office at (202)-225-2271 in DC or locally at (651)846-2120 and thank her for her support for HR8 and share your story.  It is still essential to have your voice heard, even though she has already expressed her support for this bill.

While you’re at it, call your local MN Representative and MN State Senator and share your support for the Background Checks and Red Flag bills, which would allow guns to be temporarily removed from people who are found to be a threat to themselves and others, by family members or law enforcement.  Even if you have reps that support these bills- they need to hear from you! They collect data on constituents that call in and need to hear your personal story. You can find your reps and their contact information here 


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